Joint Supplements for Dogs

Joint Supplements for Dogs

Do you want to see your dog always energetic?

Feeding the skeletal system is basic and nutrition does not always compensate for this need; whether your dog is a puppy or an adult or even senior dog.

Our dog walks, runs and jumps: behaviors applied from an early age to an advanced one.

Each movement therefore involves a correct functioning of all joints: shoulder. elbow, carpus, hand, intervertebral joints, hip, knee, hock, foot.

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The pathologies that our 4-legged friend could run into are

  • dysplasia
  • food deficit
  • obesity
  • aging
  • excessive sport
  • artite
  • arthrosis

If the bones of the skeleton can move with each other, it is thanks to the joints.

Like humans, dogs have on average more than 300, different from each other in structure and function. There are the immobile joints (those of the skull, for example) which, like a zip, tightly bind the bone heads, so as to prevent any movement. There are the “semi-mobile”: joints, such as those of the vertebral column, in which a fibrocartilaginous disc is interposed between the two bony surfaces, which allows only limited movements. But the most numerous are the “diarthroses” or “mobile joints”, that is, with wide mobility in different directions. They are mainly the joints of the legs, both anterior (shoulder, elbow, carpus, hand) and posterior (hip, knee, hock, foot).

Why give your dog a supplement?

The supplement, NOT a drug, prevents osteoarticular degeneration processes (including hereditary) and joint injuries (accidents, excessive sport).

Benefits of getting your dog to take a supplement

They are very useful in preventing osteoarticular degeneration processes and joint injuries in case of hereditary predisposition, joint overload, accidents, etc.

Are there any breeds more predisposed to joint problems?

Yes, let’s see the main ones:

  • labrador
  • dachshunds
  • rottweiler
  • Newfoundland
  • Great Danes (Great Dane)
  • saint bernard
  • English sheepdogs
  • mastiffs

What nutrients for our dog to take

Fatty acids, green mussel and glucosamine

One in particular has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on the joints, OMEGA 3. These unsaturated fatty acids are found, for example, in fish oil (salmon oil) or linseed oil, in high concentration, combined with Vitamin C and E.

Why it is important to FEED the cartilage of the dog

In order not to be in situations where our dog

  • lick or nibble on the paws indistinctly
  • does not want to go out even for a short walk
  • does not want to go up the stairs
  • has a limp / anarmal gait
  • he seems very dejected morally
  • hind legs very close
  • less appetite
  • pain when touched
  • running with leaps
  • slow pace

Keep in mind that all symptoms tend to worsen in winter, with cold and humidity.

An important ingredient of NUTRITIONAL supplements for the joints of the dog we find the CONDROPROTECTORS, or substances contained in the supplements that help the proper functioning of the joints and promote the normalization of cartilage and synovial fluid.


  • glocosamine represents a constitutional element of biologically valuable molecules in order to maintain the functionality of tissues subjected to continuous stress
  • macromolecule chondroitin able to enhance resistance to traction and torsion, therefore it allows to increase the ability to absorb shocks and trauma
  • sulfur-based methyl sulfonyl methane is able to normalize gastro-intestinal functions and reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • hyaluronic acid hydrates and protects the tissues
  • collagen is one of the main components of connective tissue

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