FARABI Taekwondo Racket Hand Karate Kick Boxing Strike Pad Martial Art x 1 unità

FARABI Taekwondo Racket Hand Karate Kick Boxing Strike Pad Martial Art x 1 unità

by Farabi Sports
  • Farabi Taekwondo TKD paddle is a genuine design for the martial artists and is proved to be one of the prime training gear by Farabi. Made using High quality extremely durable hard FK-Fiber which can withstand the most forcible punishment.
  • Equipped with and EVA-Jumbo cushioning for the safe and soft feel. The dynamic superior shape allows the striker to freely move the kicks and can enhance the freestyle kicking technique.
  • This focus paddle has unique XRX-Dissemination shock absorbent feature which disseminate the total potency of the strike across the pads equally and drop the impact. The Ultra UKL-Micro Fiber made this strike pad extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Ergonomically designed superior Aero build curved shape augments the training capacity. The kicking paddle has unique extended strike depth which is ensured throughout the pad to maintain the symmetry.
  • The tkd paddle incorporates the EC-Gel C-Shock technology that disseminate the impact of force equally throughout the pad and resist its transformation to the connecting surface which reduces the risk of injury to the minimum. The PX-Fiber composition make this pad extremely lightweight and easy to carry which ensures a perfect training technique.
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